Chapter 12 RWABAB

Qi Mingfan pouted but did not respond at all to Lu Lei’s words nor did he pull Qi Mingyu toward the living room.

So, everyone looked at the little figure in front that led Qi Mingyu into the kitchen.

Ying Jincheng narrowed his eyes with surprise flashing through them.

Qi Yue was cutting vegetables. Hearing the movement and looking back, he found that the two brothers were standing behind him. The small one looked at him calmly, and the big one looked at the small with puzzlement.

Qi Yue hesitated and said, “What are you…what are you doing?”

Qi Mingyu raised his head and looked at Qi Yue, “I don’t know, you have to ask Mingfan, he brought me to the kitchen.” 

“Oh, are you hungry? Mingfan?” Qi Yue walked to Qi Mingfan and squatted down, “The meal will be ready soon, will you wait?”

Qi Mingfan hugged Qi Yue’s arm and looked up at Qi Mingyu.

Qi Mingyu also thought that Qi Mingfan was hungry, and didn’t think too much. He touched Qi Mingfan’s head, “Let’s go, your brother will take you out to wait for dinner.”

When Qi Mingyu turned and walked towards the door, who knew Qi Mingfan’s thoughts? He ran to the door of the kitchen, trying to block the entrance with his small body. Now Qi Yue and Qi Mingyu couldn’t help but glance at each other in confusion, wondering what Qi Mingfan was trying to do.

Qi Mingyu walked to Qi Mingfan and squatted down and asked hesitantly, “Mingfan, you don’t want your brother to go out?”

Qi Mingfan nodded.

Qi Mingyu asked in surprise, “Why?”

Qi Mingfan raised his head to look at Qi Yue, then looked back in the direction of the living room and unexpectedly opened his mouth a little anxiously.

Qi Mingyu grabbed Qi Mingfan’s small shoulders at once, suppressed excitement in his tone, and said in a low voice, fearing that Qi Mingfan would be frightened, “Mingfan? Why do you want your brother to stay in the kitchen? You have to say it so your brother can know.”

Qi Mingyu stared at Qi Mingfan expectantly, but Qi Mingfan stopped opening his mouth. His small mouth squirmed a few times, and his eyes stared at Qi Mingyu aggrievedly.

Qi Mingyu sighed, hugged Qi Mingfan in his arms, patted him on the back, and comforted, “It’s okay, it’s okay, just take it slow, brother believes you can be well.”

Qi Yue touched the position of his heart. Staying quietly behind Qi Mingyu looking at the two people silently, careful not to spoil the atmosphere.

After Qi Mingfan’s small body relaxed, Qi Mingyu let go of Qi Mingfan and touched his head and said, “Since you want your brother to stay in the kitchen, I won’t go out, okay?”

Qi Mingfan’s eyes lit up looking up at Qi Yue. Qi Mingyu also looked in Qi Yue’s direction. Qi Yue was a little uncomfortable when the two brothers looked at him, “Well, there will be a smell of oily smoke when cooking here… does Mingfan want to stay here?” At this point, Qi Yue suddenly stopped. Although his original intention was for Qi Mingfan’s good, he didn’t want to stay alone in the same space with Qi Mingyu.     

Qi Mingyu nodded, agreeing with Qi Yue’s words, he lowered his head and asked Qi Mingfan if he wanted to go out, but Qi Mingfan grasped Qi Mingyu’s pants and did not let go, the meaning was self-evident.    

Qi Yue breathed a sigh of relief, “Then I’m cutting vegetables.” Qi Mingyu nodded and watched Qi Yue turn around to cut vegetables. He had nothing to do, so he looked at Qi Yue from behind. His body was slender, not tall, but not short. The legs are long and straight. The waist tied by the apron looks small, and the exposed neck is white and thin… Qi Mingyu was startled, he saw Qi Yue’s ears turn red. After watching for a while, there was the flush was spreading. The red color filled the neck along the small ears, and the face was invisible, but Qi Mingyu felt that the face blocked by the hair was also at this moment red.     

At this time, Qi Mingyu suddenly realized that he had been staring at Qi Yue for so long, and immediately retracted his gaze, coughing rather uncomfortably, trying to find something for himself.     

“Um… I can’t just stay here, is there anything I can do?” Qi Mingyu asked.

Qi Yue breathed a sigh of relief secretly, and tried to keep himself as normal as possible and said, “Well, you can help wash the vegetables, there.” Qi Yue pointed to the dishes prepared next to him.

“Good.” Qi Mingyu walked to Qi Yue to prepare to wash the vegetables.

The kitchen is very large, but it’s a pity that Qi Yue’s vegetable cutting position is too close to the vegetable washing position. When Qi Mingyu came, the two people almost stood together. After a glance, Qi Yue could see Qi Mingyu’s slender fingers and the horrible technique of washing the vegetables.

Qi Yue was a little absent-minded. He wanted to hide on the other side, but he was afraid that his movements would be too abrupt, so he stood still stiffly, cutting vegetables more and more slowly.

At this moment, a small body squeezed in between the two of them. Qi Yue immediately moved to the side and looked down at the position in the middle-Qi Mingfan’s two little hands were lying on the table, so his little head could reach eye level with the table. Above, he was looking at Qi Mingyu washing, his eyes wide open with a shining look, as if he had never seen it before.

Qi Mingyu also noticed Qi Mingfan’s movements, and touched his nose a little awkwardly. He looked at the scattered leaves of vegetables he had washed, and felt embarrassed in front of his younger brother-no matter how hard he washed the vegetables.     

Qi Mingyu couldn’t help but look at Qi Yue. Qi Yue’s eyes were full of laughter, appearing very bright, and the corners of his mouth had a small smile, which made the whole person appear gentle and peaceful. He was lowering his head and touching Qi Mingfan’s hair, his eyes full of adoration. At this time, Qi Yue raised his head and glanced at him, the smile at the corner of his mouth disappeared, he pursed his lips, and put his eyes elsewhere.     

Qi Mingyu frowned, feeling a little unhappy. He couldn’t help but say, “Qi Yue.”     

Qi Yue’s gaze was again placed on Qi Mingyu, asking what’s wrong with his eyes?     

Qi Mingyu lifted the dish in his hand and asked, “How is it done?”     

Qi Yue looked down at it. The chubby dish before was successfully slimmed down, and finally became a rod-he looked up at Qi Mingyu. He wanted to say something but stopped, and finally couldn’t help but smile awkwardly, and tactfully suggested, “Why don’t you wash the carrots, President?” There were no leaves left on the vegetable.

Qi Mingyu raised his eyebrows without comment, went to take a carrot next to him, and suddenly said, “You have almost accompanied Mingfan for a semester.”

Qi Yue looked down at Qi Mingfan, only to realize that this semester was almost over. It turned out that before he knew it, he had been in Beijing for almost half a year, “Yes, it’s almost the holidays.”

“Do you want to go back after the holiday?” Qi Mingyu asked.

“Yeah.” Qi Yue nodded, and suddenly realized that if he went home after the holiday, what would Qi Mingfan do?

“That, Mingfan…”

“There is no problem during a winter vacation.” Qi Mingyu lowered his head and said, his movements paused, and he thought, should someone take care of Qi Mingfan?

Originally, Qi Mingyu asked someone to take care of Qi Mingfan in order to allow Qi Mingfan to have more contact with outsiders and to adjust his psychological problems imperceptibly so that he could communicate with outsiders and no longer be autistic. Now Qi Yue is so close to Qi Mingfan. Even Qi Mingfan is a bit sticky and relies on Qi Yue. If Qi Yue is used to enlighten him, will the effect be reduced?

Of course, Qi Mingyu did not intend to prevent Qi Yue from seeing Qi Mingfan, but if Qi Mingfan is more dependent on Qi Yue, it should not be conducive to treating his autistic symptoms. Especially if this continues, if Qi Mingfan cannot accept others outside of Qi Yue, that’s not what Qi Mingyu wants to see.

Thinking of this, Qi Mingyu raised his head and glanced at Qi Yue, an unexplainable light flashing in his eyes.

After eating a meal, Qi Yue immediately took Yifan to leave.

“Wait.” Ying Jincheng interrupted the movements of the two of them, looked up at the window, “It’s late, I’ll take you back to school.”

“Ah? No, no, no, too much trouble.” Qi Yue hurriedly refused.

Yifan also shook her head and refused, “Yes, it’s too much trouble.” She looked at Ying Jincheng still a little embarrassed.

Ying Jincheng walked to Qi Yue’s side and held his shoulders, “How can it be troublesome? It’s not easy for you to get out of here to take a taxi. Come on, I’ll send you away.” Then he pulled the two out without any explanation.

Lu Lei rolled his eyes behind Ying Jincheng, did not move, making it clear that he did not want to leave with them.

After the three of them pushed the door to leave, Lu Lei sat on the sofa and shook his head, “Really boring.”

“What?” Qi Mingyu looked at Lu Lei and asked.

“Jincheng.” Lu Lei changed his posture and said, “Did you not see him teasing that kid all the time? He said he was interesting, why didn’t I see it? I really don’t know what Jincheng thinks.”

Qi Mingyu walking slowly to the window, watching Ying Jincheng smile and pinch Qi Yue’s ears, then pushed Qi Yue into the car embarrassedly… Qi Mingyu narrowed his eyes, as if asking casually, “Jincheng, isn’t his goal always to like-minded young boys? Is Qi Yue…”

“Who knows, Jincheng never said that, but that Yifan seems to like Qi Yue. So who knows whether he likes men or women.” Lu Lei replied indifferently, “It should be women or how else could he be so good to that Yifan.”

“Yeah.” Qi Mingyu retracted his eyes, “It’s not early, you should hurry up and go.”

“Hey! Mingyu, Jincheng called the car to take them. How do you expect me to leave? Let me stay here for one night?”

Just as Qi Mingyu wanted to say whatever you want, Lu Lei was already sitting on the sofa. The younger brother hummed and slipped off the sofa, then walked to Lu Lei, looked up at him, and started pushing Lu Lei’s leg. Upon seeing this, Qi Mingyu couldn’t help but ask, “Did you mess with him today?”

Lu Lei didn’t dare to bully Qi Mingfan, stood up with his strength, and then stepped back while wondering, “No?…Hey, Mingfan, where do you want to push this brother?” Lu Lei couldn’t help but ask. He looked behind him-there was the direction of the door.

Qi Mingyu threw a key from the table, “You better go.”

“What brother! You know I can’t drive well!” Lu Lei caught the car key, in grief and anger.

Qi Mingyu shrugged, “You made my brother angry, if you have the ability, beg him.”

Lu Lei looked down at Mingfan, who was still struggling to push himself–knowing that asking for truth was useless, because he couldn’t get an answer. He was also reluctant to go against the child’s wishes, because it was Mingfan’s rare opportunity to show his request. But his brother, who was so heartbroken and hurt for several years, was unwilling to stay with himself. The point is that Lu Lei still doesn’t know where he has provoked him.

“Hey, okay, okay, can’t I go” Lu Lei touched Qi Mingfan’s head, ” I’m going.”

After Lu Lei left, Qi Mingyu picked up Qi Mingfan and squeezed his small face and asked, “What did he do to provoke you?”

Qi Mingfan sniffed and buried himself in Qi Mingyu’s arms without speaking.

“Okay, your brother will take you to sleep.” Qi Mingyu sighed without an answer. When he turned and left, the corner of his eyes fell on the spot where Qi Mingfan was sitting on the sofa where the sketchbook was spread out. It is a painting that Qi Mingfan just drew. There are three people on the painting. A small person in the middle holds the hands of two adults…

Qi Mingfan was like you talking about Qi Yue no you gotta go. lolololol