Daily Dreams

December 13 2020: I was lying down in bed asleep then I heard someone open the door and come into the room. They said a name I couldn’t catch and told them to come out of the bed. I looked up still groggy with sleep and looked at the foot of my bed. There was a child there covered wrapped in a blanket asleep. It had to be around 4 am a It was still dark outside and I was still a little confused. The child appeared to be Asian boy with a bowl haircut around maybe 10 years old. He rubbed his eyes and sat up a little. Then he mumbled no and that he had to stay and protect me. I looked back to the other person and noticed that they were carrying another child in his arms. This one looked similar to the one on the bed and was half asleep also. It came to me that the kids were siblings and the person was their caretaker. The kids looked to know me and I, them. Then it clicked what were they trying to protect me from? As this thought crossed my mind a little imp creature popped up on the floor and had a gun. It was pretty tiny and would only come up to a little above my ankle. Before anyone could moved the imp shot the boy sitting on the bed with me. As soon as the bullet came out it hit his hand and a little trickle of blood dribbled down his hand. When this happened the thought “oh, no he was protecting me from the demons and now they will be attracted by his blood”. Once I realized this a vortex opened up in the dark room and visibly you could see a dark smoke substance swirling the air like a whirlpool and this unleash these demons. The boy on the bed threw himself over trying to cover me but being a ten year old and half my height couldn’t cover my entire body and the demons fell on me and I woke up.

Then I went back to sleep and dreamed about a house who had 3 generations of ancestors pass away in the house in this particular room. This made the house a sacred place and considered to almost be “holy” within the family. Every once in awhile all generations of the family had to gather and come back to the house to communicate and worship the ancestors in the house.

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