Daily Dreams

December 12 2020: I went on several outings with the team from work but it was without Panaash. It was Malofo, Travis, Samira, Deon Cole, and I . Then I got invited to this event in a rural area. The organizer was a evil lady and she tried to poison and kill me. But I was with BTS and Jungkook was there to help protect to me. Even though I had super powers and could protect myself. In the midst of fighting we were able to beat her and Jungkook had got separated from the rest of us. When we caught up to him he had gotten a deep cut on his thigh. Therefore I had to stitch and heal him. Also my saliva had healing capabilities so I used to treat him. Then Baekhyun was trying to put together a boy band but an article came out saying that he would never be successful. He was also a judge on a show. My sister and I were out and this guy kept hitting on her.

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