Daily Dreams

December 3 2020: It started with this elimination type reality show with boys vs. girls. There was 2 girls left and like 9 guys. Then I had opened a childcare service business where we would take care of all types of kids. Leading into a separate scene where I was taking care of this lady’s child personally at their home. Then I recorded a tiktok with the child. They were singing the song Finesse by Drake. Then there was another song that we were singing in the tiktok and the singer of that song was upset that people were using her songs and asked people to not use her songs anymore. This lead me to a singing environment where I was training to be a singer and during this program I got sick with something other than COVID. It made me throw up this green liquid and suddenly I gained the power of lightning. Then I was apart of this secret team and we saw this creepy man that was trying to take people’s kids. Then we were in the military fighting against these people and we were losing. They had better equipment and they were the ones who created the sickness. Then some people who had the sickness crossed over to the enemy side. There were 3 other songs playing in my dream Hey There Deliah, Heather, and It’s Gonna Take a Miracle.

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