Daily Dreams

November 18 2020: I yelled at my pastor because he was talking bad about his ex-wife so I called him out for it in the middle of him teaching Bible Study. But then I realized we were still streaming and I said I would wait until he is done. Then I ran outside, but I ended up yelling at him about all the things I was upset about. I dreamt separately about me going to another alternate universe where it was like I was in the filming of a movie called #Summer: Unleashed. This was a sequel to the first movie #Summer it was a teen romance type movie. Then it switched scenes again to it being myself and two other people and we were looking for this old Asian man who was counting coins and were looking for something in particular and he told us to go to this other room. Then he said “Clouds Fall, Venus of Love Rises” After that this mist/fog appeared and we started taking our clothes off and when we looked up there was this opening in the ceiling and we helped each other to get up through the hole. Once we got through the hole we were in the old man’s apartment. It basically turned into a seeker game where we were looking for items but it was based off of clues found in the room.

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