Daily Dreams

November 17 2020: “Burn it up, burn it, burn it up, burn it. Burn it all to the ground.” I was on vacation, in this house that was haunted that we were not aware of. It was my sister, mother, 2 kids, nephew, and I. There were these brothers in the wall 3 of them. One of them stole a kid and pulled him into the wall with them. In order to rescue them I had to bust open the wall. We were able to rescue the child. Then in order to defeat the ghosts once and for all we figured out their mother was a witch and left these skullish looking spikes that were left throughout the house. So me and my nephew proceeded to look for these items and burn it. Hence the lyrics at the beginning which I was singing in the dream. Then separately from that I dreamt someone was watching me through my laptop. And there were a team of super heroes. Nails done,arrows, rival?

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