Daily Dreams

I have very vivid dreams so I write them down so I can make any connections in real life.

  • October 31 2020: Taemin was at my house and when I got there my mom was styling him. I was trying to keep myself cool and not freak out. Then as I was on my phone he came over and asked to see my messages. I said sure and he looked through my phone to realize I didn’t take any photos of him but my mom recorded him and sent me a video of it. I dreamed about Samia and being at this elderly care facility and I was helping an old lady there and she came and started crying on me. Then I went to auntie’s house and a lot of kids were there smoking weed. But Deanne said they were just hissing. And I saw Trenton. Then I was with these two guys and we were looking at crime sites. There was one in particular were the girl died at the hands of a cult and they hung dove bottles on top of the site to ward off evil spirits.

  • October 30 2020: I dreamed about that guy on tiktok who makes videos about his crazy ex girlfriend. Then my sister got hit and I just took a shower? and ran. Then I tried to find someone rich so I could get a ticket to leave the country. I had a bracelet from Pandora. There was this stalker guy following me. He got my number from somewhere and he was trying to get my email. Ms. DeMonica said that he was harassing her too. Suzette was in there too. I went out to dinner and someone sent me a drink but they said it was from a well known drug lord.

  • October 29 2020: All I can remember is toasted strudels.

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